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What is WordPress a beginners guide to the most popular CMS

Over 74 Million sites! Or 27 percent of the net. That’s just how many sites use WordPress.

It can not be a shame for countless bloggers, companies, and brands to drop in love. There has to be a reason why a lot of men and women keep speaking good things about this bit of software.

So, why is it that people use WordPress?) Do you want programming expertise to construct sites with WordPress? How much does it cost to construct a WordPress site?

If you have been wondering about the questions, you are not alone. Many folks continue to be unaware of these terrific things they could do using WordPress. We’re going to change everything. Once you are done with this guide, you will know all you want to know about WordPress and everything you could do with this.

While many bloggers and companies make tens of thousands of bucks using WordPress sites, they make it look as a job suitable just for the specialists. Let’s figure out if that is accurate.

What Is WordPress, now Really?)


WordPress is an increasingly open-source application developed by a business known as Automattic. It goes back to this Content Management Systems (CMS) application class, a sort of software which lets you develop and manage sites and all its articles without needing any coding knowledge.

WordPress functions somewhat like a software which you install in your PC. Except this program has to be set up on a host to create your website available to individuals around the globe.

You may use and download WordPress but you’d like, for entirely free!

There’s favorite expression goes “all completely free items comes at a cost”. That’s partially true with WordPress also.

While that the WordPress software itself may be downloaded, installed, and also utilize at no cost charge, you will still need to cover internet hosting, domain name, and a motif for producing site with WordPress. We’ll get to all of that later.

The significant issue to keep in mind is you don’t need to pay anything to use the WordPress applications. It’s really been a totally free program for over 13 years and it always is.

Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

Most individuals frequently confuse the two different WordPress platforms.

WordPress.org is the place it is possible to download the WordPress software to produce a web site all on your personal computer. This website also contains a lot of free plugins and themes you can use to make your site.

Automattic also acquired the following website, WordPress.com, in which people are able to begin using a WordPress site without needing to put this up independently. You may begin a site with this platform at no cost to get a sub-domain (eg: yourname.wordpress.com). But, it will not let you personalize your subject or perhaps monetize your site. You’ll need to register to some Premium strategy to do so.


The primary distinction involving self-hosting a site with WordPress.org and generating a site with WordPress.com is your freedom you get with hosting a web site by yourself.

When you set up a site by yourself utilizing WordPress.org applications, you’re going to be responsible for everything. No you can let you know exactly what you can and can not do. You can print anything you like and personalize your website however you’d like.

Main reason why folks enjoy WordPress is its simplified user interface, which lets you do apparently difficult tasks such as adding new topics and changing the web site design with only a couple of clicks.

Even although WordPress is searchable, it does not indicate it is only great for creating small sites and sites. WordPress may be customized to construct just about any sort of a web site.

Even a number of the planet’s most well-known brands and companies like CNN, Vogue, Bloomberg, Beyonce, Mercedes Benz, Martha Stewart, and several others use WordPress to develop advanced and hugely popular sites.


Do You Have To Be An Expert To Use It?)

Even however creating a site with WordPress appears to be a task for a professional, it is a really very simple procedure. Now you are able to install and begin using WordPress using only straightforward. There have been several hosting providers on the market (such as Siteground) who will also install WordPress to you once you buy a hosting program so you’re able to begin blogging straight away.

Personal Journal/Blogs

Personal sites are the sort of sites which folks use to talk about their personal thoughts, comments, and information. WordPress also has a Private style, which you may use to turn a site into a personal journal also.

Educational Blogs

Educational sites are sites which educate people about particular topics, such as how to earn money on the internet or best places to travel.)

Niche Blogs

Niche sites are made targeting particular viewers for monetizing and promoting goods. Most bloggers construct niche sites to market affiliate products utilizing platforms such as Amazon Affiliate to earn easy cash.

News/Magazine Websites

These are sites that discuss info. For instance, Onextrapixel isan magazine website that shares advice, tutorials, and manuals relating to a layout.

Business Websites

A company site could be a site you produce for a company or a new to market it via internet marketing and draw more clients.

eCommerce Websites

You may also build an internet shop with WordPress to market products or solutions.

Portfolio Websites

Setting a portfolio site to showcase your own job is very simple with WordPress.

Community Forums

WordPress may likewise be employed to make an internet community around your business or brand to allow users register, create articles, and discuss thoughts.

WordPress has lots of different applications, like generating membership places, promoting online classes, making social networks, and much more. The chances are infinite.

How Bloggers Make Money With WordPress Blogs


Once that you own a blog ready to go, you can find many distinct methods it is possible to monetize your website or blog. Heck there are authors out there who earn millions of dollars a year out of their WordPress-powered websites independently.

So, how can they earn money? All that you need to do is display a screen or a text advertisement in your site and if somebody clicks on the advertisement, you make cash. Google AdSense is among the greatest platforms that will assist you with this procedure. If you have assembled a loyal following about your site, you will be in a position to easily register using affiliate programs, such as Amazon Affiliate and Rakuten, to market products linked to your site market. When individuals purchase those products via your recommendations, so you make a hefty commission from every item purchase.

Sponsored Content

Popular and authoritative sites with a great deal of followers frequently receive supplies from companies and brands that are trying to advertise their solutions to certain audiences. They will cover you to publish posts about their solutions or perhaps simply mention their name and site from one of the posts. Most of this moment, companies will send you complimentary copies of the products to allow you to examine them and write a new summary of it on your website. The best part is they’ll also cover it also.

These are only a couple of the primary website monetization approaches most bloggers use now. But, there are a number of different methods to earn money with a website, based on the sort of site or site you earn.

The Costs Of Making An WordPress Website


Just like any other company, you still should commit some cash to construct and keep your site prior to making any gain. Even although WordPress is readily available at no cost, there are a number of prices to running a site of your website.

Here’s just how much it really costs to create and keep a WordPress site.

Domain Name — $11

The price of a domain name is dependent upon which domain extension that you wish to use on your site. For instance, there are dozens and dozens of domain name extensions such as . Org, and much more. Com domain, which is regarded as a Top Level Domain (TLD) it only costs approximately $11 USD when you get it from your website such as NameAffordable.

Web Hosting — $48 annually

Web hosting prices will also be dependent on the internet server you select. There are several hosting providers that provide web hosting with inferior services for affordable rates. You can not fail if you opt for a hosting system that supplies WordPress optimized hosting solutions. Their pricing strategies begin at about $48 for your initial year and supply exceptional services. These topics come at a price. You can come across tens of thousands of WordPress topics on marketplaces such as ThemeForest for costs ranging from $29 to $59, and at times much lower.

Premium Plugins (Optional)

You may also customize your site with superior plugins to include additional useful purposes, like utilizing OptinMonster to both develop and email listing. You may also research thousands of plugins around CodeCanyon market also.

Yearly Maintenance Costs

In addition to all those first expenses, you will also need to pay to renew the domain name each year and to get hosting each month or annually.

  • For hosting, it is going to cost you $120 annually (such as Siteground Startup program).
  • For that the domain name, it is going to cost you about $17 annually to renew the domain name.

Those will be the prices of constructing and keeping a fundamental WordPress site. Additional prices will contain if you made a decision to add additional services and functions to your site.

Over To You

WordPress is a jack of all trades.) The applications can manage all sorts of sites out of Amazon-such as online shops to private journals and a whole lot more. Whatever site you are likely to construct, don’t have any doubt that WordPress can handle it.

All that is left today is for you to begin a site. So, exactly what exactly are you waiting for?