Top 5 Reasons to Use WordPress For Your Blog

I had NO CLUE where to start, if you’re anything like me, when I first set up my blog about a year ago. Should I use WordPress place, Blogger, or any of those 100’s of other blog programs which are out there?

I presumed a blog was a blog. Did I learn differently!

After a lot of research, recommendations, and assistance from others (that is the “Network” section of community marketing) I realized that I better go with installing WordPress for my site.

For it’s a blog platform that provides you a pre-built blog website at no cost. But if you REALLY want to boost your marketing up – you need to get your own domain that is personal along with a self-hosted WordPress blog. And why here in the listing I will go into more information.

As any marketer understands – leave the professionals with the things. So that is why I outsourced my website setup (which included the graphics, RSS feeds, theme, and link to all of my social media sites) to the professionals.

Here are my Top Five Reasons to Use WordPress for your blog:

1. Google Loves WordPress – In case you’re using a blog for your promotion strategies, you’re likely thinking about Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization) – at least a tiny bit. If you’re into SEO, you then want and want Google giving your website “some enjoy.” Well, for whatever reason, Google loves WordPress. Period. You need a WordPress blog if you are in SEO strategies.

Yes, you can use other blog websites and still get decent ranking, but you generally have to work harder to get the same amount of “love” out of Google as your competition. If you have a blog that is different and are so far into it that you would hurt more than help youstick to it and MAKE IT WORK. But AT LEAST have it – that leads me to my next point.

2. Self-evident – I have this in my top five reasons, nicely, for a great reason. (Oh man I’m witty!) You have no issues and can use the free version of WordPress and make that work for you just fine. However, you might encounter a few difficulties, the biggest of which is that your blog could be here one day, and gone the next. In case you have a self hosted WordPress blog, nobody can touch it. It is yours. Yes, you’re paying a tiny monthly hosting fee (typically around $5.00 or not) but it’s WELL worth its worth taking into consideration the thought that you may lose your blog otherwise.

Along with getting your self hosted that is blog – that I would recommend obtaining a domain name that’s particular to you. It looks a lot more professional that the site URL that your website is given by WordPress. Having your domain forwarded is vital for branding YOU.

3. WordPress Design Themes – Now, would you like the generic WordPress Theme that includes WordPress, or even a custom made one that is specific only to you? If you’re just setting up a site to have a 18, the default WordPress theme is ideal. BUT, since you’re in this industry to generate brand and money you personally, I suggest a designed custom theme. There are tons of people who design custom WordPress Themes which it is easy to upload to alter the appearance and texture of your WordPress site. Some of those WP Themes are paid versions, but most of them are free.

There are over 1000 themes loaded directly into the WordPress although you are not limited to only the topics. Because I feel of my website and outsourced the design, my designer and I spoke back and forth for a week or so to mill the particulars of what I desired out. The subject I selected is very SEO friendly (“Monezine” theme), but There Are Lots of other to Pick from such as “Flexibility” or “Thesis”

4. Plug-ins – This is my favorite. Plugins are what soups-up your site and converts it from a 1992 Ford Taurus. The plug-in that is right can save you time, make you money, and make your task a WHOLE lot easier. In fact, I think I’ll make my next article on particular plug-ins just so that you can see some of those money making ones you will need to have on your blog (So make certain that you Sign-up to receive my blog updates via e-mail so that you may get the second one).

If a specific function is you want your blog there are developers out there who have established just like using the WordPress Themes. There are 1000’s of WordPress Plugins on the WordPress.org site (WordPress.org/extend/plugins/ ), which are free and an ever increasing number that aren’t in the WordPress database. You just have to go looking for them.

When you find a Plugin you want, simply click “Install” on that specific plugin page, and it will automatically download, unzip, and then upload it to the right Plugin directory onto your blog. After it finished its upload, only visit the backoffice area of your blog to “trigger” the plugin.

5. WordPress functionality – Now, I don’t wish to lose you here with this one, so I’ll keep it simple. WordPress is an HTML based blog platform. The main reason I really like that is that it permits one to do SOOOOOOO more. When you are creating a post – you have the capacity. Or you may perform HTML formatting – all with a click of the mouse and flip-flop back and forth.