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Integrating WordPress Into PHP Scripts


Within the current day, I needed to make use of a custom-made WordPress into PHP script that I created a while previously in a model new WordPress software program. As a substitute for rising a WordPress plugin to cope with this present code, I choose as an alternative to utilize WordPress instantly inside my script.

Using WordPress inside your script is an excellent alternative you most likely have a lot of custom-made PHP code.

When you would have a giant PHP code base out of your earlier progress efforts. There are often totally different libraries inside your code, equal to Symfony, Zend Framework, Pear, and lots of others, that you don’t want to take apart. You would have working code and likewise, you want it to stay collectively.

In my case, I had created a sort for information assortment for a client. Nonetheless, this was no uncommon variety. It had over 100 variety variables. They’ve been made up of textual content material enter, radio packing containers, checkboxes, and text areas. I wanted to utilize this kind instantly inside my WordPress software program. Plus I wanted the mix to easy.

The reply was actually pretty simple.

Present PHP Code

As an example, assume that’s my present PHP code (it is a simple script, for example, this stage).



Nonetheless, the difficulty is, that is solely the form to assemble the knowledge. What concerning the really feel and seem of the current site. How can I get the above code to look like the similar template format of my WordPress software program?

As an example, one decision is in order so as to add the raw HTML. Nonetheless, that is every time consuming, and it is not dynamic. If the WordPress template modifications, I’ve to go in proper right here and manually change it as soon as extra. Not one factor I must do.

My PHP Kind Internet web page


Nonetheless, that might not exactly work. I need to match the navigation, embody the style sheets, and make sure the HTML matched exactly the texture and seem of my necessary site.

The Greater Decision

Instantiate WordPress, and use the inbuilt options inside your code.



Do you see how easy that was? WordPress is instantiated correctly in my internet web page. Then I instruct the online web page to call the header and footer options of WordPress.

The header and footer options current each little factor I would like the template of my WordPress site. It mechanically populates the HTML, CSS, and any Javascript up on excessive, and on the underside, it closes any tags which were open.


Let PHP do the work. There is not a should duplicate the WordPress code in pure HTML if you probably can have it generated mechanically by WordPress itself.

The extra benefit is that if the precept WordPress site format ever modifications, the template wrapping your custom-made PHP code will mirror these modifications immediately.