Best WordPress Backup Plugin Solutions

Best WordPress Backup Plugin

Site backup is not the sexiest online business topic. Wouldn’t you rather read about clever sales methods or plugins that help increase traffic? However, the truth is that could, because of no fault of your own and with no caution, lose your whole or a number of your WordPress site. And if that occurs, you have just two options: start over or reinstall everything out of your copies.

Not If I Can Help It!

Clearly, starting over is the least desired option. Who wishes to reconfigure their motif, rewrite all the articles, and re-work different features, such as adding revenue pages and images? You have poured a lot of time, effort, and money on your site; you do not want to start over. And you do not need to.

Backup For Longer Worries

Many WordPress plugins exist that can allow you to backup with little effort. It’s actually quite simple. Find the right backup plugin, install, do a one-time setup and forget about it. You’re then worry-free and ready to move on to the tempting side of the business. .making cash.

In Regards to backing-up your own WordPress site, You Need to consider both:

Your site’s files, which include your login, themes, connection to the database, media uploads, and much more,
along with your site’s database, which contains all of the articles you worked so hard to create.
Meanwhile, not all WordPress backup plugin s are equivalent. Some backup both database and files, while some just do one of those two. Below are three excellent alternatives that take care of both for you.

EZPZ One Click Back Up: EZPZ OCB is a fantastic complimentary WP plugin that surprisingly doesn’t get plenty of coverage. It requires Linux servers and PHP5 or higher to run (check with your host provider), which comprises most major host providers. I use it with HostGator and I am very happy with the outcomes.

As soon as you install and activate this plugin, you enter your preferences such as scheduling backup times and receiving emails upon backup completion, click update and you are good to go. You have automated the procedure. If necessary, you can also backup on demand.

1 thing to remember, it keeps only one backup on your site’s server at a time. So, I use an FTP client to move the zipped folder into my hard drive where it has backed up once again via my normal PC backup. This way, I can save numerous back-ups and not have to rely on my site’s server (which sometimes, could be the source of your problems). EZPZ also gives the option to have your copies uploaded to a Dropbox file storage account, where you can keep multiple at a time for just a few dollars.

If you ever need to restore your files, EZPZ includes an easy two-step procedure. This superb plugin has other helpful features as well.

MyRepono WordPress Backup Plugin: Here is another fantastic option that in my opinion isn’t getting the recognition that it deserves. This plugin offers some special features not usually found with other reasonably and hassle-free alternatives. To start with, it works nicely with 99 percent of web servers and hosting firms, because it runs on Linux, Unix and Windows.

This support automatically stores your backups in a separate online storage account, which is more preferable to have them kept on your server or hard drive. There’s a cost, but it is negligible being that the documents are compressed and occupy very little space. My website, for example, costs me under $0.80 monthly. To make it even more affordable, MyRepono gives you a $5 credit to start you off, which may help offset costs for many months.

MyRepono offers another unique quality that will delight those who have multiple websites. Backups for all your websites can be monitored and managed from one control panel, as opposed to each site needing to be managed separately, saving you a lot of time.

To begin, all you have to do is sign-up on with MyRepono, then install and activate the plugin from your WordPress website. Next, you set up your backup program, which you access from your Dashboard. Your job is done. From that point on, whenever you’re in WordPress, a small status box will appear on the top right corner of your display to indicate that your last backup. Immediate copies, on the other hand, are performed with one click from your account on the MyRepono site.

If you need to restore, MyRepono does the majority of the job for you. It is an issue of a few clicks and it’s done.

Automatic WordPress Backup Plugin: Automatic WordPress Backup (AWB) plugin definitely hogs the limelight. WordPress users advocate it often, probably because it’s been around for a while and does a great job.

This choice is a cross involving EZPZ and MyRepono. Like EZPZ, it demands Linux and PHP5, so it works well with most substantial host suppliers. Like MyRepono, AWB stores the backups on Amazon S3, an internet storage service, for a few cents a day. You can automate backups as well as run backups on demand.

To set-up, you first have to obtain an account on Amazon S3 and arrange your payments. You then use the”key” numbers offered by Amazon S3 to set up and set-up the AWB plugin on your WordPress website. To help you set up easily, a movie on the plugin website shows the setup and installation procedure. Once the plugin is installed and activated, you program your backups and let it do the job.